Vanet Gıda Sanayi İç ve Dış Ticaret A.Ş facilities;

were established in 1977 at Van as a World Bank Project. Launched in partnership with the leading banks of Turkey and the Special Administration of Van Province, the company laid the foundation of integrated meat facilities in 1985. Production began in 1988.

563 acres of land on 24000 square meters of closed area facilities; cattle and small animals are fed, there is also a turkey production farm.

Our slaughterhouse has the ability to carry out butchering of 240 bovines and 1250 ovines daily and break them down according to the needs.

In our charcuterie production department, 20 tons of sausage, salami, sausage, kavurma (fried-meat), ham and bacon are produced daily.

The facility has the capacity to store15000 tons of Carcass Meat and Products.

With our sales and shipping network distributed all over Turkey, we cater to the taste of our consumers with our products that we offer together with hygiene, trust, quality and health.

In the production, state-of-the-art machines used in the meat industry in the world are used. Slaughterings are carried out in the facilities according to Islamic procedures. It is in full compliance with the health compliance rules requested by T.R Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in production. Production is carried out in accordance with the European Union and U.S.D.A (USA Ministry of Agriculture) standards. Products of Vanet A.Ş are accredited with ISO EN 9007, ISO EN 2000, HCCP 13001, Business Approval numbered TR65-0062 and Halal Slaughter Certificate of Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

All wastes and residues from the plants are utilized in the Rendering Plants and products such as Bone Meal and Grater ring oil are obtained.